10 things I love – End of Summer Gypsy

I’ve had my eye on some of the pretty items since the temperatures were starting to slowly warm up and as summer comes to a close I feel myself hanging on to those small bits of warmth knowing that winter temperatures will soon be here. Although, I am excited about fall, the craft fairs, layering clothes, pretty scarves, and changing leaves, I know that autumn will only fade to gray winter days of snow boots and more practical things like 3 pairs of socks and remembering your mittens. I love winter and the holidays, but I am not yet ready to leave summer behind. That is what inspired me to put together today’s post, summer fading into fall.

1|| Gypsy Knott Wrap by Free hippie on Etsy

2|| Gypsy Celebration Flags by ArtToGo on Etsy

3|| One of a kind Vintage hand dyed slip by LipStickGypsy on Etsy

4|| Queen of Roses Jacket by Ruchki & kruchkI

5|| Bohemian Hoop Earrings by NATgirona

6|| Boar Tusk Choker by Julia Barbee

7|| Peach Rose Georgette HiLow dress by Nalini Shop

8|| Cotton Fringe Bikini Top by Motavationsnn

9|| Waterfall Body Harness by Moorea Seal

10|| Tobacco burst skinny yoga pants by Purusha People

New Etsy Shop Items

These babies are going to be finding new homes soon. I am finally getting around to showing off some of the necklaces that I am adding to my shop. The only trouble is…I am not yet satisfied with my photographs. You see, I am trying to learn to do it on my own. Using myself as the model and with a tripod and a self timer. And well I am still figuring it all out. Part of my issue, is that I have really high expectations of the brand, starting out.

I already have a dream photosoot in mind, I’d love to find a vintage shop filled with velvet settees, tarnished silver tea sets, and silk scarves strewn all about. And the models lounging, feathers in their hair, drinking tea and wearing kimonos, vintage lingerie, or tattered shorts and flowy tops. The sun filtering in through the windows washing out the images.

I have huge dreams for my shop and it gets rather discouraging sometimes when I can’t seem to find a way to make things happen the way I want them to right away.
I try to coax myself into believing that down the road, my dreams will come true. Because it’s all so very simple, all I have to do is keep updating the shop no matter what and success will come and with it beautiful photo-shoots.

I am definitely open to suggestions here.

If you have any advice, feel the same way, or just like what you see. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

DIY Recycled Suede Leather Wristlet

I’ve got a little DIY action for ya and I am super excited to share this one with you guys as this wristlet is my number one go to piece of jewelry this summer. Seriously, I wear it with almost every outfit, everyday.

Maybe that says something about my jewelry collection or maybe it just goes to show you how awesome this bracelet is.

So you might be saying to yourself. Buying suede can be expensive. I mean, like, really expensive, but I am here to tell you that all you have to do is you look in the right place. That place is…the thrift store. Not the fabric store. You can find oodles of leather garments just begging for some new love all over the thrift store.

The fabric scrap I am using for this project came from a  calf length suede skirt I thrifted that was priced at $7.99, but it just so happened to be a %50 off sale that day and I got yards of fabric for only $3.50. Yeah, awesome! So go find some suede and let’s get started.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Scrap suede fabric at least large enough to wrap around your wrist.
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Something small and round to trace, I am using a small votive candle holder
  • A permanent marker [Not pictured, simply because I forgot to grab it.]

Start by figuring out the size of your wrist. You can do this by wrapping a piece of twine around and cutting it where the ends meet.

Then, flipping your fabric wrong side up, begin tracing close to one end around half of your votive holder or round object. Next, grab your string and stretch it out from the center of the arch towards the other end of the fabric long ways, place your votive there and trace half way around it creating two half moon shapes that face each other.

Grab a straight edge, if you have a ruler great! If your craft room is currently in shambles and you can’t find a darn thing, grab a trusty DVD case.

Line up the outside edges of your have circles and draw a line between.

You will actually notice my pencil isn’t actually making a lead mark on the fabric, but it is making a very noticeable indention. Trace a line down both sides and then cut out your shape!

To make the closure, simply cut a thin length of leather 3 to 4 inches long.

Fold your wristlet in half long ways and make a little mark with your thumb nail on both side where you want to cut the slit for your leather tie.

Now fold the leather short ways and cut a small snip on both sides.

Slip your thin strip of leather through both slits and slip it over your wrist.

Tie into a little knot, or a double if you prefer!

Almost done! We now have a nice blank canvas, so grab your sharpie, get creative and start coloring! When you are done you have an awesome, engraved leather look in minutes with any pattern you like!

And there you have it. A super, simple, amazingly fashionable and versatile DIY wristlet!

You can see how I styled it in this outfit post from last week.

Meet Ashlee of Raptor Jewelry

Today, the lovely Ashlee from Raptor Jewelry is here to share her fantastic story with us! Her jewelry line is amazing and I am so delighted to have her on the blog today! I don’t know about you guys, but I am getting more an more inspired with every interview! Let’s give Ashlee a warm welcome!

Hi there, My names Ashlee Hatcher and I’m the owner and designer of Raptor Jewelry. I started my company about a year and half ago and It has been quite the ride. I went to fashion school at FIDM and my love for fashion was something that always stayed with me. I have been designing jewelry and particularly feather earrings for close to ten years but my company is just now beginning to blossom. For my 23rd birthday a couple of my friends designed the Raptor logo and bought the domain name. The gift spoke volumes to me and made me feel as if the dream was possible… And so it began! I truly love what I do and have landed my product on the ears and necks of celebrities such as Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson, Eva Longoria, Felicity Huffman, and Hannah Simone. It’s now being sold in close to 50 boutiques around Southern California as well as a couple in South Dakota and Utah! For you online viewers that cant make it to a store make sure to check out my website www.raptorjewelry.com. And lets not forget the slew of social media sites! Make sure to follow “Raptor Jewelry” on facebook, blog, twitter, pinterest, and instagram! I want everyone to know about Raptor, love Raptor, and be satisfied with the product. Feel free to contact me for custom orders or just to share your thoughts. Thank you to all those that support and inspire me.

3 things you’ve learned about yourself from crafting?

The first thing I learned is that sometimes you can think too much, your brain can actually get in the way. I have to let the creativity flow strictly between my heart and hands…..they leave me out completely on occasion. I suppose thats why its such a release for me, It’s part of the way I expel love and who I am. I’m just gifted that I get to express that and make people happy.
Throughout the growth of my company I’ve also learned that we all make mistakes. Learn to laugh at yourself if you make something thats kinda ugly. Life is just trial and error!Lastly I learned that it is worth the extra $10 to get the good top coat, or else I’m repainting chipped nails every other day :)

3 ways you stay inspired?

My girlfriends all have a different sense of style, so I often think of them and try to design for each one of them. I figure that if I keep it diverse I can keep everyone in something that suites them.

Photos! I could spend a good hour on Pinterest just browsing around looking at fashion photos, gardening, travel, and even the humor section. Growing up, my mother always used this analogy that we all have a basket on our arm in life and the more we put in that basket the more we can take out later when we need it. I just try to fill my basket (my mind) with as many beautiful images and good things as I can.

Good Tunes are a huge motivator. Your mind sort of escapes and gets lost in the music and when your finished creating you can almost see the influence from the music you listen too.


3 things you’ve learned from being your own boss?

You must stay disciplined. I will say that first because it’s quite often the most challenging.

Give sometimes, because giving feels good to you and to the person receiving.

Happy boss means good product, unhappy boss means bad product. Your emotions are very important and YOU are very important. Allow yourself time to do the things that keep your body, mind, and soul healthy.

3 things you enjoy the most about what you do?

Well, I never have to worry about running out of jewelry, thats always nice.I get to make something that I know someone, somewhere will love and where with pride.

I get to make my own hours, which is great. Yet this goes back to my answer to #1 in the last question, It can get tricky so I must stay focused.
3 of your favorite items currently in your shop?

My 24k Gold dipped shark teeth on 36inch doubled up, gold plated chain. I just love it! I have seen girls pair it with everything from a silk dress, to a bathing suit, to a raggedy ACDC shirt. Something that versatile is a must have in everyone girls wardrobe.

Baby Dreamweaver earrings! They can just jazz up a boring day or a boring outfit.

The Tibetan Collection is my newest line! I remake tibetan pendants into different styles of necklaces and I just love the edgy quality they have. Great pops of color and a fun accessory for spring.

3 words of wisdom for others starting out in selling their crafts on online?

Stay organized stay organized. There will come a day when you need that receipt, file, or phone number your thinking about throwing away. My website recently got hacked and if it wasn’t for a great web designer and the proper saving of my work..it would be in shambles.

Make sure you have good images of your product! People like to know what they’re getting and the more they see the more they’ll like it.

Stay humble and aware of your blessings! Gratitude is one of the best feelings in the world if you can just sit in it, and stay truly grateful for what Gods done and will continue to do in your life.

Tutorial Round Up

Hello everyone, stopping in to share a quick little tutorial round up with you all. These are some of the amazing tutorials from out there in blogland this week. Check these lovely ladies out!

Gorgeous hanging basket garden tutorial with Elsie and Emma on A Beautiful Mess.

How about this lovely little ombre hand dyed tassel necklace for a night on the town? From Clémence on Oh the lovely things.

This adorable wall hanging is easy to make with your favorite song lyrics and will look perfect on any wall! From Kinsey on Sincerely, Kinsey.

Also, Savannah’s Recent post on how to balance your schedule was really inspiring and helpful for me this week.  Balance-Tips for a Productive Week from Savannah on Maie Dae.

TGIF! Have a lovely weekend everyone and be ready for some fun on Monday!


Give away on Friday April 20 on Krysten’s Blog, Why Girls are Weird

Hello all you lovely people. I just wanted to pop in and share a little bit about this cool little giveaway I am hosting today over on the lovely Krysten’s blog, Why Girls are Weird.

Everyone knows how I love to barter and trade right? Well Krysten’s one great lady that shares this same passion. And we’ve paired up to put on this fun giveaway. See, that’s what I love about the blogosphere – folks take care of each other.

Anywho, I am really excited to be giving away this necklace! It’s one of the new pieces that will be going up in my shop. It’s a pretty antique bronze chain with little pops of color from fun and enchanting Swarovski crystals with two little two bars of turquoise colored glass beads. Oh and the sweet little cluster of pheasant guinea feathers really pulls this all together for a fun and flowy, boho feel.

So if you have time, stop by and take a look around Krysten’s blog. I am sure you’ll be glad you did!

I’ll be back later on with a little post on some of my thrifty finds from our last  visit to Value Village. For now I am off to eat my yummy steamed spinach sandwich!

10 things I love # 3 – Southwestern Inspired

This week’s 10things I love is all about the beautiful and great southwest! I am really enjoying curating this feature each week and hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. Remember you can click on the images to be taken directly to their Etsy listing.

Hip hip hooray for hand made! Oh come on, I’m feeling cheesy. (:

fionna a suede and feather ikat necklace from roots and feathers etsy shop

1. A collector of feathers myself, I love the mix of soft suede with  the pretty peacock, pheasant, and guinea feathers and the ikat fabric, feathers just make all the difference for me. Truthfully, you could stick a feather on anything and I’d love it. It excites a sense of liberation and honesty in me, so inspiring. Actually, I am super inspired by Laura, the maker of this lovely creation. I started reading her blog from the beginning last week, after I came across her shops and it’s been really amazing to see her journey and watch her bloom as an artist through her words and photos. It’s also been really uplifting as I put the final details on shop items I have been working on for the past million months. I know, enough already just show us the goods! Update soon I promise! Necklace $58 from Roots and feathers.


2. Isn’t this jacket so cool!? It’s made from an upcycled men’s coat and adorned with pretty faux fur. I’d say this lady has some skills. Her whole shop is amazing. It’s full of fun vintage items from the 60s and 70s as well as some vintage inspired lovelies. Ah I’m an addict! $98 from GitchiGamiClothing


3. Mmmm mmm. I am all about the asymmetrical skirt right now and I just love how the simple striped fabric has been cut at angles to create the pretty chevron pattern. I’ve got an old bed sheet that needs some love and I am thinking I might need another maxi to add to my stash. Not so keene on making your own? You can snag this one on Etsy. Skirt $60 from ScissorClothing


4. So pretty, simple, and stunning! I don’t wear a lot of sterling silver, I’ma bronze/gold gal myself, but when I saw this ring I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Love the simple stamped ikat pattern. Ring $60 from melaniefavreau


5. Too cute. That’s all I have to say. I this dress is just so adorable, there I said it again, just kinda different. I love the low back, so pretty and perfect for summer with sandal wedges! Dress handmade $50 from BetterStayTogether.


6. Oh my goodness. Smitten. These leggings are incredible and if I had a pair it’d be hard to not find me in them. I mean they are so bright you could see me from miles away! tee hee. And let’s be honest, I would wear them everyday. Leggings $58 from PeekoApparel.


7. So pretty – hand died leather triangles adorned with bronze chain. What a perfect piar to wear anywhere! Haha. I am sorry I am a goof. I am actually finishing this post up at 3 in the morning. I love long dangly earrings and these make a lovely statement. Mariage Earrings olivesandpearls $29


8. Bold and beautiful bib. A sucker for turquoise right here. This necklace couldn’t be more perfect, turquoise is a purification stone and is often associated with the heart and throat chakras. It helps absorb negativity and promotes self realization, and creativity! While this necklace isn’t made from actual turquoise, it is made from recycled newspaper! Which is just as cleansing for our heart chakras when you think about all the good it’s doing for our mother earth. That’s right newspaper. Mind blowing. Necklace $34 from KikiKoyote.


9. I just had to share one of Andi’s bags. So in love with her recent southwestern set. It’s really amazing, she takes old men’s leather coats and turns them into these beautiful one of a kind hand bags, and purses. Someday, sigh, someday. I have also been reading Andi’s blog a lot recently and her story is also ringing true for me. So many inspiring ladies out there really doing what their hears and hands love. And she’s Canadian, and everyone knows I love Canadians. (: Bag $295 from hoakonhelga.


10. Such a breath taking painting. Reminds me of my own personal and spiritual journey, how my soul feels like a desert sometimes, and I mean that in the best way possible. Soul searching is a beautiful thing, and this is such a lovely painting. JOURNEY 49 Acrylic on Canvas $50 from KathyMortonStanion.

ooh lolly lolly lolly

I hope you found today’s 10 things I love inspiring. I, myself have been channeling all this inspiration into some poetry and art journaling. Putting pen to paper sure is a liberating feeling, especially when the sun is a shining and the birds chirping. I have been trying to hone in on my calligraphy skills as well. Which has been fun and interesting. I like choosing a little monthly goal or hobby to work on.

March has been such a wonderful month. James and I experienced so much joy, celebration, and growth and it’s really got me ready for this new journey known as April. I am so excited and ready for each day. I think in April I’d like to work on my macrame skills. It’s a skill I have always been enamoured with. And heck since I bought those two big spool of cording and crochet thread at VV last month for a dollar a piece, I figured macrame would be the perfect craft to get to know them better. Oh yeah, my old nikon goes to the shop today! Still not sure where my little cannon walked off to, but excited to get photographing again!

I hope you have a lovely day,