Etsy Feature Friday – The Gorgeous designs of Lauren Kemp

I just discovered the beautiful DIYed designs of Lauren Kemp on Etsy. Truth be told I found her through Uncovet and searched her out to find her shop and low and behold there she was on Etsy!

These are some of my favorite designs of hers that I seriously can’t get enough of and wish they’d jump into my closet right now! Her simple cuts and fun hand painted/stitched embellishments have really inspired me to get out the ol’ needle and thread and try my hand at some of that gorgeous embroidery work. Although it will have to wait till after Urban Craft is over as I am swamped with last minute projects leading up to the big day!

First up to bat:

Look at the gorgeous back on this one:

Fun elbow pads are always a + in my book:

This one is hand painted, love the color:

Similar embroidery design as the first image, but boy do I love the cut of this shirt:

Images from her shop, Lauren D Kemp :1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6

10 things I love – End of Summer Gypsy

I’ve had my eye on some of the pretty items since the temperatures were starting to slowly warm up and as summer comes to a close I feel myself hanging on to those small bits of warmth knowing that winter temperatures will soon be here. Although, I am excited about fall, the craft fairs, layering clothes, pretty scarves, and changing leaves, I know that autumn will only fade to gray winter days of snow boots and more practical things like 3 pairs of socks and remembering your mittens. I love winter and the holidays, but I am not yet ready to leave summer behind. That is what inspired me to put together today’s post, summer fading into fall.

1|| Gypsy Knott Wrap by Free hippie on Etsy

2|| Gypsy Celebration Flags by ArtToGo on Etsy

3|| One of a kind Vintage hand dyed slip by LipStickGypsy on Etsy

4|| Queen of Roses Jacket by Ruchki & kruchkI

5|| Bohemian Hoop Earrings by NATgirona

6|| Boar Tusk Choker by Julia Barbee

7|| Peach Rose Georgette HiLow dress by Nalini Shop

8|| Cotton Fringe Bikini Top by Motavationsnn

9|| Waterfall Body Harness by Moorea Seal

10|| Tobacco burst skinny yoga pants by Purusha People

Meet Lucky Jackson

Yay! Happy Tuesday everyone and let’s welcome the lovely Lucky to the blog. I had the awesome pleasure of meeting this lovely lady at a little clothes swap a month or two back and Lucky kindly gave me a ride back to where I was staying!
On the way we chatted about Etsy and craft-fairs and well I just had to check this lady out! Incredible! My mind was blown by her talent and I am just so excited to share her awesomeness! Watch out there are some serious skillz showcased here on the blog today!

My name is Lucky Jackson. I am a artist and illustrator currently working on a project where I embroider a new piece of artwork every day for the next year.

I am currently selling some of the patterns from the 365 Project in my Etsy shop and lots of new patterns are coming soon!

I have been making things for as long as I can remember. I have a fondness for the rain as it means I can stay inside all day and make crafts. I am a huge culture vulture and love everything to do with the arts.

Long Live Indoor recess!

3 things you’ve learned about yourself from crafting?

To not rush things. Take your time and enjoy the process. It’s no fun if it’s no fun.
The more you make things the better they get.
It makes me incredibly happy.

3 things you’ve learned from being your own boss?

I am a horrible, over demanding boss.
Time management is extremely important.
You need to take a break once and a while and relax (I am working on this one).

Embroidery of Lucky embroidering.

3 ways you stay inspired?

My kids are a huge inspiration. They have the most incredible imaginations.
Notice the little things. The small details that make you happy.
Using a journal to jot down ideas, always. I have tons of these journals and revisit them when the well is dry.

3 things you enjoy the most about what you do?

Getting to be a kid again. Pretty much my days are full of Arts and Crafts.
Art and Craft shows and fairs. It’s the highlight of my year being able to show people my work in person.

Meeting new people in the craft community. I have been overwhelmed by the amount of support and encouragement that I have received.

3 of your favorite items currently in your shop?

Boot Love Embroidery Pattern

Guitar Girl Embroidery Pattern

Book Love Embroidery Pattern

3 words of wisdom for others starting out in selling their crafts on Etsy or online?

Do something different and be unique.
Don’t compare yourself to others. (tough but true)
Do what you love, being and artist/crafter is a tough racket and you really have to have a passion for what you are making. It always shows in your work.

Meet some amazing Artisans Partie Deux

Back for our second round of amazing, crafty goodness? Today’s sponsors give us a little peek into what it’s like doing what they do and at just being awesome. Don’t forget to take a look at their great shops over on Etsy.

I’m Alice and my shop is called LAX TO YVR. LAX and YVR are the airport codes for Los Angeles and Vancouver, respectively. I traveled back and forth between the two cities a lot in my 20′s and that’s how I came up with the name for my shop. I grew up mostly in Los Angeles, but I’m currently living in beautiful Vancouver with my husband.

I first got into crafting when I learned to knit years ago. I soon realized that I really enjoy working with my hands and producing tangible things that I can hold and feel. Then I got into furniture refinishing while I was waiting to become a Permanent Resident of Canada (I wasn’t allowed to work while living in Canada on a visitor’s visa). I loved to find old pieces of furniture that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill and make them beautiful and functional again. Finally, when my Permanent Resident application was approved and I was allowed to work again, I started my first online shop on Etsy selling vintage housewares I had collected. I come from a family of entrepreneurs so naturally I wanted to start my own business. I really enjoyed running my own shop and after about a year and half of operating my vintage shop I wanted to know what it would be like to have a shop selling exclusively handmade items. I saw that burlap was a trend in home decor and I loved the look and texture of burlap. That inspired me to come up with my burlap wall decor products.

How has crafting and running your own Etsy shop changed how you look at your life?

This is a hard question! The first thing that comes to mind is it has showed me how important it is to follow your gut and do what you love. It’s taught me that I have to be true to myself in order to be happy and satisfied.

What is your favorite item in your shop?

My current favourite item is the LOVE burlap wall decor. It’s good always to be reminded that life is about LOVE – giving it and receiving it.

We have an obsession with vintage and wood; specifically Mid Century vintage and wood we can reclaim to make something out of. Our favorite days are those that include finding awesome treasures at estate sales, equally awesome wood on the side of the road, taking our dogs for a hike and that end with a good book to read. Having a garden right outside is great for fresh veggies to eat. Nothing is better than using carrots and spinach from our garden, especially when we are having breakfast for dinner.

We started working with wood after Jeremy helped my grandparents make some home improvements and realized he was pretty good at working with wood. A couple of woodworking reference books and a few new tools later Jeremy started making Redwood frames and filling them with pieces of wood to make our framed block art. We use only reclaimed wood found in North Orange County and have collected eucalyptus, redwood, maple, and jacaranda as well as the occasional used fir board. We also came across branches from a Ficus tree that had been cut down. We used the small branches to make our wood brooches that I hand paint, add lace to or just leave natural.

Recently we took our wood crafts to a craft show where almost all of the people who stopped by touched at least one piece of wood. There is something about wood that connects people. Wood is everywhere; it is what our homes are made of, much of our furniture too. There is something about the different textures of wood that people love.

I really love wearing our brooches out. The natural wood brooches match just about anything, and our Citrus Splash brooches add a pop of color. I really love the look of the wood and lace brooch on men. I wish we had made these for our wedding because they would have made great boutonnieres!

What do you do when you hit a crafting burn out? How do you stay inspired?

So far we haven’t experienced a crafting burn out. It sometimes seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to create what we’d like to make. We stay inspired by keeping sketch books and running ideas by each other. Our backyard is pretty inspiring as well. We have a large tree that gives us shade to work under with our dogs for company and a small garden to tend when we need a break. We both read quite a bit which also helps. Recently we had our first craft show and it amazed both of us at how a simple conversation with people could also bring inspiration. What we see as art, others might see as a possibility for a game or even a child development tool due to wood’s many variations of texture, size and colors. We were sketching new ideas throughout the night.

What is your favorite item in your shop?

Jeremy’s favorite is a Redwood beam candle holder. He calls it “Old Dog” since it is so weathered and grey.

Mini Shop Update and a change of pace

Wow. Where have I been the last four days? I don’t even know where to start, it’s been a jubilant whirlwind. Despite the weather being not so nice these past few days with rain everyday and cold temperatures – it even snowed a little last night, this weekend has been filled with joy, creativity, and so busy busy busy. I am working on starting a new job, which I am really excited about. Friday was a conference call morning, which is an interesting new experience for me, but I’ll tell you more about that later. James and I got our new little camera the Cannon G12. Oh my, it’s heavenly and such a life changer, having a camera around to explore with. I’ve also been busy with the shop! Over the weekend I got a chance to do  a little shop update. Here are just the first two newbies!

I love this bracelet so much! I recently won a giveaway on Eva’s blog Runaway Thrift were I won those awesome studs on the bracelet. I was really excited as I used to use studs on my pieces way back in 2009  when I sold them at Roller Derby Bouts in Atlanta. It’s been a lot of fun to play with them again. I am slowly adding more jewelry to the shop and will be adding more fascinators as well as the weather gets better. Suppose to be more rain tomorrow, but Wednesday should be my day.

It is such a relief to finally be able to update the shop. It truly is like a burden has been lifted. I even got a little creative kick just being self reliant. It’s really nice not to have to rely on others and boy is it a lot less stressful taking your own photos than coming up with the funds, 20 perfect pieces, find models,  have a non windy, warmish day, and pray that they will look fantastic as tiny thumbnails. I am also excited to be learning photography again. This is an interest that has been put on hold for quite some time.

Impromptu photo shoot jewelry organizer. A little behind the scenes action for you there. The purple bike is mine, isn’t she a beaut?

Crafting is my passion. I am really happy there is a space like Etsy for folks like me who just love to make things and get them out there. Someday I hope crafting can be an even bigger part of my life. It is where I feel the most joy and the most comfort with just being me.

A few months back when I was just starting this blog a wrote a little post on the 5 Ways Crafting has helped me become a Stronger Woman. It only seems fitting to reiterate those feelings and embrace that passion continuously through out this journey.

There are some exciting changes about to happen in this space. You may  see a little less, or a little more, or simply just see me in different ways as this space evolves. I have enjoyed the journey and the exploration so far and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Favorite crafty tutorials – January Tutorial Round Up

I want to share some of the amazingly crafty tutorials I have found over the month of January. I hope you find this inspiring and useful! Here’s my top ten:

Click on the image to be directed to the tutorial. Right click to open in a new window.

I am a little addicted to the Free people blog, though too broke to ever buy any of their merchandise. I  do love their tutorials and this 3D wallpaper effect with silk or dried flowers is gorgeous.

This is a great travel pencil pouch from Easy to make from a lovely piece of felt and it’s a no sew project! Wouldn’t it be great to be prepared to sketch whenever the mood hits you?

More design Please is an amazing blog. I love their tutorials so much. I think it’s fantastic how they combine the process in a single image file. It makes it incredibly easy to share. This fork ring is absolutely too tantalizing to pass up.

I love to sew and clothing reconstruction is one of my favorite ways to liven up my wardrobe. This tutorial is from Long eared Love on blog spot. She shows how to make a copy of the sweatshirt jacket below from an oversized sweat shirt. Cozy!

Skip to my Lou has a ton of tutorials on their site. This tutorial is for an extra-large cosmetic bag. Who doesn’t need one of these? And that fabric is crazy beautiful.

Don’t you just love polymer clay? And aren’t these bracelets stunning? This little tutorial comes from the Delighted Momma Blog. I need to be my sculpy out of storage so I can make some of these one dreary winter afternoon.

Design Sponge, incredible blog. It’s my go to site for inspiration and how tos. I love Moroccan style, it’s so colorful, and comfy. This little DIY is on how to turn mason jars in lovely Moroccan inspired candle holders. I want to make a million of these for my apartment.

This is a fab tutorial is on how to make adorable shoe fringe for your favorite lace ups. It’s found over on The Dainty Squid blog. I love this blog and I stop by to read on a daily basis. Cute style posts, great thrifting finds, yummy recipes, and fun tutorials.

We are always in need of more market bags around here. This tutorial is from Delia Creates Blog. I love how she repurposes t-shirts to make these awesome totes.


The hubs and I are wanting to build a couch. We are thinking pallets. This super simple design is from Cuarto De Recha, (this site is in Spanish.) Simply stack the pallets, grab some foam, cover it, and there you have it. The author did say naps on this couch are 5 star! Great storage underneath too.

Happy crafting!