Etsy Feature Friday – The Gorgeous designs of Lauren Kemp

I just discovered the beautiful DIYed designs of Lauren Kemp on Etsy. Truth be told I found her through Uncovet and searched her out to find her shop and low and behold there she was on Etsy!

These are some of my favorite designs of hers that I seriously can’t get enough of and wish they’d jump into my closet right now! Her simple cuts and fun hand painted/stitched embellishments have really inspired me to get out the ol’ needle and thread and try my hand at some of that gorgeous embroidery work. Although it will have to wait till after Urban Craft is over as I am swamped with last minute projects leading up to the big day!

First up to bat:

Look at the gorgeous back on this one:

Fun elbow pads are always a + in my book:

This one is hand painted, love the color:

Similar embroidery design as the first image, but boy do I love the cut of this shirt:

Images from her shop, Lauren D Kemp :1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6

10 things I love – End of Summer Gypsy

I’ve had my eye on some of the pretty items since the temperatures were starting to slowly warm up and as summer comes to a close I feel myself hanging on to those small bits of warmth knowing that winter temperatures will soon be here. Although, I am excited about fall, the craft fairs, layering clothes, pretty scarves, and changing leaves, I know that autumn will only fade to gray winter days of snow boots and more practical things like 3 pairs of socks and remembering your mittens. I love winter and the holidays, but I am not yet ready to leave summer behind. That is what inspired me to put together today’s post, summer fading into fall.

1|| Gypsy Knott Wrap by Free hippie on Etsy

2|| Gypsy Celebration Flags by ArtToGo on Etsy

3|| One of a kind Vintage hand dyed slip by LipStickGypsy on Etsy

4|| Queen of Roses Jacket by Ruchki & kruchkI

5|| Bohemian Hoop Earrings by NATgirona

6|| Boar Tusk Choker by Julia Barbee

7|| Peach Rose Georgette HiLow dress by Nalini Shop

8|| Cotton Fringe Bikini Top by Motavationsnn

9|| Waterfall Body Harness by Moorea Seal

10|| Tobacco burst skinny yoga pants by Purusha People

Meet Sara of Sans Limites Crochet

Another lovely lady is here to join us, Sara of Sans Limites Crochet, and I am so glad to have her stop by the blog! I have been coveting her work on Etsy for many a moon now and so excited to share her story with you all!

Hi! I’m Sara and I’m the shop owner at Sans Limites Crochet (It’s French for No Limits – read about it on my blog and shop away at Sans Limites Crochet

I started crafting in third grade. My mom brought home some mittens she’d made in a knitting class and I desperately wanted to make myself a pair. She signed me up for a kids knitting class (and helped me immensely). Soon after we took a crochet class together and we’ve been a stitch and bitch pair ever since.

In high school I wanted a unique way to fit in some community service hours that I needed for school. I stitched up a bunch of hats with my family and friends and sold them at the local college campus. I donated the money to causes I cared about like Epilepsy research or Tsunami Relief. I had a blast doing it and actually raised a decent amount of money. So in college, when my friends were getting summer jobs, I opened a booth at the farmers market. It only took two summers of trying to sell crochet goods in the 100 degree heat before I decided an online shop was a far better option and Sans Limites Crochet was officially born! It’s been one crazy ride and I sure have learned a lot!

Some Things I’ve Learned About Myself…

I’m very hard on myself. It’s so easy to feel like I’ve had this great idea, and then I make it and it’s just not the amazing thing I had in my mind. A lot of times it’s better than I realize, but I often need a good friend around to tell me so.
I need chill time. It’s really easy for me to end up working on crochet things until 3 in the morning, but it’s not healthy. My roommates will laugh if they read this… but I get my best ideas while relaxing in the bathtub. I need that time to ramp up for the next new and exciting undertaking!
I need community to work my best. Because when you’re hard on yourself, you need some good people around to encourage you! I’ve spent the last few months working at an unpaid internship (for a cause I’m pumped on- check!). I wouldn’t have been able to do it (and would be much crankier) if it weren’t for the fellow knitters and crocheters out there supporting me with their kind words and purchases! There are few people out there cooler than the ones in the crafting community, so I do my best to drink it up!

Some Ways I Stay Inspired…

Keeping a sketchbook. I invested in a nice hard covered blank paged sketchbook… it’s become one of the most valuable things I own. It’s so filled with inspiring pictures, colors, ideas, thoughts, sketches… I’d be lost without it.
Staying active in the things I love. It’s easy to get caught up in my crafting – especially when I depend on it for money. I never feel more inspired and ready to go then when I step out of a dance class.
Experiencing new things. Traveling and experiencing new cultures, places, clothes, styles, food gets so many ideas rolling so fast! Good thing my sketchbook comes on my adventures!

Some Things I Enjoy Most About What I Do…
Coming up with new ideas. There’s no better feeling than having too many ideas and not enough time to make them. I love it!
Getting feedback from my customers. I have the best customers in the world! Their feedback means the world to me! There’s nothing better than having a problem (or a success) turn into a conversation that can spark a new idea or friendship!
Making myself new stuff to wear. I love wearing things I’ve made. It’s JUST my style and any compliments I get are the perfect opportunity to hand out my business card!

Some Words of Wisdom For Others…

Identify your target audience and brand yourself accordingly. I’m still working on that, but it’s a good idea to keep in mind always.
Stay true to yourself. If you stop doing what you love, you’re doomed. Keep your business in mind, but don’t let the fear of making money keep you from taking a risk on an idea you’re crazy excited about.
Listen to your customers. They’re creative people too, and if they’re buying stuff from you, they probably appreciate what you do and want to see you succeed. I started off making only finished products and people were asking for patterns. That’s how I make most of my money now, and I get to keep making new exciting things instead of the same old stuff…. I’m so glad I listened to them!

3 Favorite Things in My Shop Right Now…

The easiest question of them all (cause they’ve been my favorite for a year now…)! I spent a lot of time working on these items (and the patterns to make them) and I’m actually really pumped on how they turned out. They were also originally designed for some of my favorite people (my sister, my mom, and my best friend), so I think happy thoughts whenever I see them!

Amanda’s Dress

Kathleen’s Dress

Diana’s Dress

Thanks everyone for stopping by today! We’ve got two more lovely ladies left in the series and I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far!

Take advice from me, just go climb a tree – What I wore #5

This week has been kind of hard to get through. I feel like have been going through some emotional changes and I am just now taking the time to deal with them. I am in the same place with our home. Our apartment is very tiny and it’s becoming incredibly hard for me to deal with the over load of stuff we have. Most of it is clothes, which is an easy fix I guess, it’s just weeding through and washing things.

I pulled all these suitcases out of the closet this weekend and they were just full of clothes. Some stuff I hadn’t seen in years. Not to mention, every time James’ folks come over they bring bags of what they think is our stuff, only it’s a mix of our things and stuff nobody wants. De cluttering is good, and it’s helping me work through and discard some of my emotional baggage too.

I bought this shirt as a birthday present to myself off of Sneakpeeq back in May. It’s been my one brand new non- local item splurge and I’m pretty proud because it was marked down to $15.00 and since it was my first buy from Sneakeeq It was shipped free. The only down side was, I had to have it shipped to my folks in Georgia as Sneakpeeq does not ship to Canada which is a total bummer, maybe one day.

I love it. It is definitely my favorite item in my wardrobe right now. It also reminds me, every time I wear it, that I need more crop tops in my life. So if you are considering a crop top, do it!

Outfit details:
Shirt : Nooworks, bought on Sneakpeeq : $15
Skirt : Weekenders, Thrifted : $3.50
Necklace: Clever Plumage : $45
Shoes : came with my birthday suit : Free

If you’d like to join Sneakpeeq you may use my referal link here:
Be friends with Hillery on Sneakpeeq

Etsy Repurpose Round up – Shop Feature Pierogi Picnic

This week’s repurpose round-up is a shop feature! I first found Pierogi Picnic, by Lydia Krupinski, a few weeks back while scrounging Etsy for items to feature in this very series. Pierogi Picnic is a Chicago based indie eco handmade shop. And well her shop had so many upcycled and reconstructed treasures in it, I just wanted to share them all! Here are some of my favorites!

up-cycled men’s tees makes for excellent tunic dresses!


1. URBAN FOLK, co-friendly tunic dress with white branch screen print grey /// 2. NEVER NEVER LAND, T-shirt dress screenprinted collar handmade yellow

How bout a sweet up-cycled cotton bikini?


3. BEACH BUM Eco bikini custom fit vintage inspired cotton swimsuit  $64

Cute head bands from vintage lace and bright cottons


4. NEW VICTORIAN, Headband romantic eco-friendly vintage lace $16 /// 5. PRETTY PLEATS, Golden cotton pleated eco headband $12

Need something for the man in your life?


6. A PERFECT GENT, Sweater bow tie rustic knit upcycled dapper clip $12 /// 7. SET SAIL, Upcycled mens t-shrit repurposed eco-friendly sailboat $26

She is currently running a 30% off moving sale on readymade items with coupon code movingsale2012 till March 25th.

Don’t forget to check out her amazing vintage section as well!

Spring has really set in and the hubs and I enjoyed our week together. It was almost as if we celebrated our anniversary everyday last week! We had a fancy dinner at an amazing restaurant on Monday and saw ‘The Artist’ at an independent theater afterwards. We had lunch at the pub one day and beers with fries on St. Patty’s day. Sunday we rode the ferry and had a little pita picnic on Wolfe Island. It was such a beautiful week. Also keep your fingers crossed as J had a job interview this morning that seemed very successful! Yay!

I do hope you have a lovely day!


An ode to my favorite go to outfit

So with my camera lost I am trying to be creative about what I am posting without posting the same sort of posts. This week I will mostly be posting borrowed photos and/or some little graphics I have been doing up. Busy putting final touches on my new Boho series for my Etsy shop and can’t wait to share it with you mid March!

Here is a little photo montage based off of my favorite outfit. Once my camera shows up again I will take an actual photo of my stunning self in this excellent curation of style and elegance.

all photos are linked back to their original source.


On top, a vintage patterned button up, my actual favorite shirt is navy and covered in ducks, a colorful vintage wool paisley scarf, with a chunky ivory cardy. On bottom, a suede leather skirt over muted gray tights and slouchy fringe boots. Accessorized with gold bangles, a knitted cuff, and various pieces of homemade jewelry and ribbon. Everything but my boots are thrifted, and I don’t actually have those goregeous boots from Minnetonka, my boots are from Target around 2008.

Random fashion quirk: I love to mix shades of brown in the same outfit.

Friday Tutorial Round Up

All this going out and volunteering has really given me the time to take a look at my lack luster wardrobe. My closet used to be full of awesome items, but I have either lost or misplaced things while moving around in the last few years.

This weeks tutorial round up is all about repurposing your wardrobe and there are some real goodies in the mix. I do hope you find these inspirational and enjoyable. Remember you can simply click on the photograph to be taken to the tutorial or right click to open in another window.

This lovely dress, made by Sarah of JaynSarah, is made from a skirt! She even tells you to how you can make her necklace.

I love making quick skirts with elastic waist bands and over on A Pair and a Spare Geneva shows you a little down of how she made this lovely silk maxi, she also links to her full tutorial for the same skirt in black sheer. You could of course use any fabric that drapes well. I made a similar skirt this week from a table cloth.

Lizzie from Cotton and Curls, a fantastic blog where she show you how to resize everything, shows you how to get loose and add a pretty fabric panel to a tight fitting tee. Isn’t that just darling?

Elsie over at a beautiful mess has come out with another stunning outfit make over this week with this horse printed dress tutorial.

The lovely Chantilly over at My girl Thursday always has fantastic ideas when it comes to repurposing your wardrobe and your home. Here she shows you how to add a little love to those old holy jeans.

I hope you have a beautiful and fun filled weekend. I am about to have to go run errands in this ridiculous unexpected snow.