10 things I love – End of Summer Gypsy

I’ve had my eye on some of the pretty items since the temperatures were starting to slowly warm up and as summer comes to a close I feel myself hanging on to those small bits of warmth knowing that winter temperatures will soon be here. Although, I am excited about fall, the craft fairs, layering clothes, pretty scarves, and changing leaves, I know that autumn will only fade to gray winter days of snow boots and more practical things like 3 pairs of socks and remembering your mittens. I love winter and the holidays, but I am not yet ready to leave summer behind. That is what inspired me to put together today’s post, summer fading into fall.

1|| Gypsy Knott Wrap by Free hippie on Etsy

2|| Gypsy Celebration Flags by ArtToGo on Etsy

3|| One of a kind Vintage hand dyed slip by LipStickGypsy on Etsy

4|| Queen of Roses Jacket by Ruchki & kruchkI

5|| Bohemian Hoop Earrings by NATgirona

6|| Boar Tusk Choker by Julia Barbee

7|| Peach Rose Georgette HiLow dress by Nalini Shop

8|| Cotton Fringe Bikini Top by Motavationsnn

9|| Waterfall Body Harness by Moorea Seal

10|| Tobacco burst skinny yoga pants by Purusha People

Meet Lucky Jackson

Yay! Happy Tuesday everyone and let’s welcome the lovely Lucky to the blog. I had the awesome pleasure of meeting this lovely lady at a little clothes swap a month or two back and Lucky kindly gave me a ride back to where I was staying!
On the way we chatted about Etsy and craft-fairs and well I just had to check this lady out! Incredible! My mind was blown by her talent and I am just so excited to share her awesomeness! Watch out there are some serious skillz showcased here on the blog today!

My name is Lucky Jackson. I am a artist and illustrator currently working on a project where I embroider a new piece of artwork every day for the next year.


I am currently selling some of the patterns from the 365 Project in my Etsy shop and lots of new patterns are coming soon!

I have been making things for as long as I can remember. I have a fondness for the rain as it means I can stay inside all day and make crafts. I am a huge culture vulture and love everything to do with the arts.

Long Live Indoor recess!

3 things you’ve learned about yourself from crafting?

To not rush things. Take your time and enjoy the process. It’s no fun if it’s no fun.
The more you make things the better they get.
It makes me incredibly happy.

3 things you’ve learned from being your own boss?

I am a horrible, over demanding boss.
Time management is extremely important.
You need to take a break once and a while and relax (I am working on this one).

Embroidery of Lucky embroidering.

3 ways you stay inspired?

My kids are a huge inspiration. They have the most incredible imaginations.
Notice the little things. The small details that make you happy.
Using a journal to jot down ideas, always. I have tons of these journals and revisit them when the well is dry.

3 things you enjoy the most about what you do?

Getting to be a kid again. Pretty much my days are full of Arts and Crafts.
Art and Craft shows and fairs. It’s the highlight of my year being able to show people my work in person.

Meeting new people in the craft community. I have been overwhelmed by the amount of support and encouragement that I have received.

3 of your favorite items currently in your shop?

Boot Love Embroidery Pattern

Guitar Girl Embroidery Pattern

Book Love Embroidery Pattern

3 words of wisdom for others starting out in selling their crafts on Etsy or online?

Do something different and be unique.
Don’t compare yourself to others. (tough but true)
Do what you love, being and artist/crafter is a tough racket and you really have to have a passion for what you are making. It always shows in your work.

18 Things you may not know about me.

1. I was born in Louisiana.
2. I have two brothers, one older one younger, I am the only girl.
3. I am left handed.
4. I like to sing, all the time, everyday, every waking minute, to myself, to others, to my cat.
5. I write poetry and it’s sometimes erotic. Uh oh! (:
6. I love to draw and paint.
7. I grew up in a small town in Georgia, but lived in Alabama from age 2 to 7.
8. My husband and I have been dating since I was just shy of 18 and he was 19.
9. I swam competitively starting in the 3rd grade for the YMCA Sharks and all through high school. But honestly, I was never any good at speed.
10. I have a little black cat named Nori.
11. I ride a purple Schwinn cruiser and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is covered in blue diamond shaped decals and has a wide seat.
12. I have never finished university.
13. I like astrology, yup, I do.
14. I broke my left wrist twice consecutively in kindergarden and first grade. I got a yellow cast both times.
15. When I was 16 I broke my leg skateboarding and had to have surgery.
16. James and I got our first apartment when I was a senior in High School. It was very tabou and people made up all kinds of rumors about us. Like that we got married on a cruise ship. I wish!
17. I am not related to anyone famous, besides myself of course. (:
18. I love brushing and flossing my teeth and love going to the dentist. I have neer had a cavity!

Also! I totally forgot to post this video of my first uke lesson check in, but also I wa a little scared by my terrible posture. Geeze. It’s kind of out of date now, but I have my second lesson today so I thought I should share it! I hope you get a giggle out of it!

The Lion Sleeps Tonight – 2nd Ukulele Vlog for Hand Make My Life from Hillery Sawyer on Vimeo.

Happy Friday everyone!

New Etsy Shop Items

These babies are going to be finding new homes soon. I am finally getting around to showing off some of the necklaces that I am adding to my shop. The only trouble is…I am not yet satisfied with my photographs. You see, I am trying to learn to do it on my own. Using myself as the model and with a tripod and a self timer. And well I am still figuring it all out. Part of my issue, is that I have really high expectations of the brand, starting out.

I already have a dream photosoot in mind, I’d love to find a vintage shop filled with velvet settees, tarnished silver tea sets, and silk scarves strewn all about. And the models lounging, feathers in their hair, drinking tea and wearing kimonos, vintage lingerie, or tattered shorts and flowy tops. The sun filtering in through the windows washing out the images.

I have huge dreams for my shop and it gets rather discouraging sometimes when I can’t seem to find a way to make things happen the way I want them to right away.
I try to coax myself into believing that down the road, my dreams will come true. Because it’s all so very simple, all I have to do is keep updating the shop no matter what and success will come and with it beautiful photo-shoots.

I am definitely open to suggestions here.

If you have any advice, feel the same way, or just like what you see. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Getting in front of the Lens – What I wore #3

I have deemed the month of May my “conquering fears” month. So I am stepping out and doing things that I am not necessarily comfortable with and I plan on sharing them all with you here on the blog. There are a lot of things I am working on, little by little. This is the perfect space to share my journey and progress.

One of the goals I want to work on is getting comfortable in front of a camera again. And what better way is there to work on that than an outfit post? AH!

It really isn’t so bad, especially when you’ve got a cute boy to smile at on the other side of the lens. This is my out to lunch outfit. Teehee. I met James downtown and we had a little bite to eat at a deli across from his work on his lunch break. It was sweet and lovely to get out of the house despite the dreary gray weather.

Normally I wear this outfit a little bit more casually with a sweater instead of a coat, but I thrifted this coat back in April and it was too cold to wear it until this week and it will get too hot to wear it soon enough. At first James and I thought it was a riding jacket, but after wearing it out to dinner with James’ aunt for my birthday she told me that it looks like a lady’s kilt jacket. I am a super sucker for velvet and so I just had to grab it from Value village. Plus it was only $7.99 and I had a 15% off coupon. Score! I really did well that day and came home with lots of really neat items. Actually thrifted my skirt on the same trip as well. It is one of the softest cotton skirts ever with a bright purple print and pockets which I love.

The shirt is one of my new favorites that I found at the swap and blogger meet up while I was away in Peterborough weekend before last. I love the jersey, the color, the cut, everything about it. And lookey here, two new pieces for the shop. Though I do want to add a few feathers to the tassel necklace, before it is finished. I think both pieces compliment each other. I am going to create a third shorter piece to finish it off a wearable set of three.

Aren’t turkey feathers amazing? They are pretty much the most inspiring feather in my stash right now and I have so many different feathers from so many birds. I just recently received more turkey feathers though so to me they are still kind of new as I had used up all my others back in December at a craft fair.

A few months back I posted on Kijiji that I was looking for naturally molted and salvaged feathers from a variety of birds and I got a reply about turkey feathers. A sweet lady had saved the feathers in her cedar chest after the turkey had accidentally been hit by a car in her area. I am so glad to be able to breathe new life into these feathers and let them flaunt their natural beauty. They are definitely my favorite.

I love the sweet brass button details on the coat. So stately, yet almost dainty in a way, and very pretty. I also love my ring. It took time to get used to wearing something that big, but I truly love the design and it is also an antique so it’s that much more meaningful and special to me.

Off on the walk that is life.

Do you have any goals you are working on? What are some of the methods you use for keeping yourself motivated?

Wish me luck as I conquer another fear and make my first ever customer call for my new job today! Eeek!


DIY Dream Catcher Necklace

Supplies: ||old bangles ||embroidery floss or crochet thread || scissors || chain ||

Step 1: Wrap the bangle. How tight or how loose is your preference.

Step 2: Begin wrapping around the bangle with large gaps of space between wraps creating your first round of the web. I always pulled my thread back up through the wrap so it would hold in place well.

Step 3: Continue wrapping till you get to the center, and tie in feathers, braids beads. Connect your chain the length you like with a jump ring and rock it!

I found these little plastic bangles in the grab bag that my amazing brass walnut came in. They were pretty uncomfortable and just kind of messy looking so I took a few and turned them into tiny dream catchers. This is a pretty quick project you can put together in about 30 minutes or so. These also make adorable wall art when grouped together and are the perfect size to mail as gifts as they fit inside an envelope well.

[Let me know if you'd like more details on the wrapping. My advice is just give it a go and find your method and do what you like best. Remember that your first round of wrapping will affect the shape of your finished project. I know the steps show me starting with five, but for the dream catcher pictured in the finished project I actually only used four wraps for my starting round. Those photos didn't turn out as good as the second set with my second dream catcher.]

Please feel free to tweet, facebook share, or pin this tutorial! The more the merrier ’round here!

Happy Crafty Tuesday!


Repurpose Round up – Bicycle Inner Tube Creations

Keeping with this week’s theme – an ode to the bicycle, today’s Repurpose Round highlights some etsy sellers who make good use out of busted tires. That’s right everything you are about to see below is made from the inner tubes of bicycle tires. If you ask me, these folks are geniuses.

Nothing fancy about today’s post as I am still struggling to feed myself and it’s nearly 8 pm!

I spent the majority of my day hanging out at the laundromat. With things being so tight back in March and only having the capacity to wash the  essentials laundry really began to pile up around here. So much so that I it’s been keeping me up at night…sorry folks, I let my OCD slip. Whoops! Needless to say I was actually absolutely elated to spend the day washing and folding and lugging the little buggie down the street. In fact I am sitting here congratulating myself.

It actually wasn’t a bad time. I took some trial mix, a big bottle of lemon water, my notebook, and my camera. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was feeling happy. I spent the time between washes feeling inspired by the lovely spring day. I even got some quality shots of some of my thrifty finds for the weekend.

Here are some rather interesting bicycle accessories from some amazing Etsy sellers as promised.

Please excuse me while I go remove my lentil loaf from the oven and get ready to chow down! Recipe tomorrow! I hope you have a lovely night tonight!

1. Scuola Recycled Inner Tube Case by Reddot Cycling $20

2. Inner Tube flower Bow by Upcyclery $12

3. Recycled Bike Inner Tube Journal by PalePink $39

4. Feather Earring from recycled Inner Tube by True Partners in Craft  $25

5. Eco Inner Tube Messenger Fringe Bag by Reclaimed Wreckage $264.99

6. recycled Inner tube cut out globe cuff by Beatrice Holiday $28

Easter Tutorial round up

A few pretty Easter egg tutorials from around the web

You can click on the image or the link below it to be taken to the tutorial.

//Decor 8 Painted Easter Eggs//


//Silk Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs Our Best Bites//


///Wohnide Wunderwieb Painted Paper Napkin Appliqué Easter Eggs///

^this site is in German.S


//Embroidered East Eggs Design Sponge//


//Spoon and Fork Water Color Easter Eggs//


Love and light! Happy Easter Everyone!

Bohemian Caravan Inspiration

Wanting to live better and be more comfortable in our tiny apartment, I am constantly hoarding ideas and inspiration to organize and decorate our space. One of my main sources for inspiration is the Gypsy Caravan or Roulettes. Bright, colorful, and compact these dwellings make good use of every inch of space.


James and I’s bedroom, with it’s dormers and funny closet, is a little lacking in functioning space as it currently stands. Our dream is so really utilise every nook and cranny. To not only make room for long term storage, but also active storage – book shelves, day to day clothing storage, and also as odd as it sounds – long term food storage with a light controlled place to store our home canned goods. We want the bedroom to be a place we escape to, find cozy, comforting, and romantic. And a space that also functions well, with adequate storage, and is an easy place to get ready for the day.


We’d like to achieve this by lofting our bed for built in storage underneath, and at it’s foot, working with the slope of the roof. We’d also like to add a reading area in the window dormer with functioning storage underneath and and space beside with a mirror and a little storage to function as a vanity so we both aren’t squeezing into the little bathroom in the mornings.


We have similar hopes for our spare room which is almost exactly like our bed room. We’d like it to function as an office as well as have a space for two guests to enjoy themselves. We also want it to be a space that can easily transition when we have our first child (another 5 to 7 years down the road).


We are in this apartment for the long term and we are excited to find the best ways to organize the space, find the furniture that works, build what we can, and get rid of what we don’t need.

For more information on these images or on roulettes/caravans check out Jeanne Bayol or her blog. Her work is amazing!
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